Fantastic Gonstead doctor. Finally someone I can refer to in that area!

Joseph K. / Gonstead Doctor, California

Dr. Fano is my chiropractor and I am a chiropractor myself with 34 years of experience. Redding is very fortunate to have him. That's where I refer people when they are in need of care and live in his region. Patients can trust the quality of Chiropractic care they receive from him.

Mark L. / Gonstead Doctor, California

Dr. Bobby Fano has fantastic skills and knowlegde. The combination of those assets with a genuine interest in people, is what makes him an extraordinairy Chiropractor.

Gertjan V. / Gonstead Doctor, Netherlands

Dr. Fano is a chiropractor with awesome skills and great heart.

Woojoon L / Gonstead Doctor, Georgia

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I can say without a doubt that Bobby loves what he does and is very passionate about using his skills to help others. He has gone above and beyond to help me with my issues and get me back to moving pain free. I recommend him to everyone!

Jonathan J

There are people that meddle and tinker with chiropractic care and then there are people like Bobby who genuinely know what they are doing and are PASSIONATE about it. I came to Bobby for chronic lower back pain that I had bothered with several different chiropractics about and had seen little to no change. After just a few weeks with Bobby, I could move pain-free and fear-free again. If I could give Bobby a 100-star review, I absolutely would...regardless of injury or not, I will continue to see Bobby as long as I can help it and not just recommend him to you, but urge you to see him.

Sarah L.

Highly recommend Vertical Chiropractic. Bobby is excellent with his clients, truly cares about the whole person, and diligently educates his patients about treatment. His value for longevity and sustainable health translates into every aspect of his practice.

Kiley G.